Over the course of her journalism career, Carmen has written well over 1,000 articles for publication, and has published a comparable number of photographs. She has also had multiple radio and film scripts produced by Missinipi Broadcasting and Thomega Entertainment. Carmen has also contributed to several books and research studies, and produced newspapers, newsletters, reports and articles for numerous non-profit and political clients.

A sampling of Carmen's work:

Special projects

Forest fire crisis updates for the Lac La Ronge Indian Band – In 2006, as the LLRIB's communications officer, Carmen was tasked with gathering and communicating information to the band's 7,000+ members about the forest fires threatening many of their communities, which had forced mass evacuations. She attended emergency operations centre and band crisis team meetings, prepared and distributed daily public reports, wrote a speech for the band's chief to read live on MBC Radio, took photos, and wrote up the events for the band's newspaper, the Cree Communicator. Her role was considered an essential service by the band's executive director, who asked her to stay if La Ronge itself was evacuated.

Athabasca: Where the Spirit Flies – Carmen was hired in 2007 as the screenwriter for a documentary/promotional film, promoting business development and partnership opportunities in Saskatchewan's far north, known as the Athabasca Basin. In additional to developing and writing the narrative voice-over, she also conducted on-site interviews with community leaders and business people in each of the Athabasca Basin's remote fly-in communities. These interviews were then edited by the production team at Thomega Entertainment, which produced the film for the Athabasca Economic Development and Training Corporation. The film was completed in 2009.

New Horizons: NORTEP/NORPAC: Perspectives 30 Years Later – For its 30th anniversary, the Northern Teacher Education Program (NORTEP) hired Carmen as part of a team working on a series of reports about the program's impact on northern Saskatchewan. Carmen was tasked with interviewing NORTEP graduates, teachers, administrators, and community leaders across the North, and writing personal profiles and analysis pieces.

Where the Spirit Dances – In 2010-11, Carmen's home church, La Ronge Alliance, went through a collective “revisioning” process. As a way of illustrating the congregation's goals, Carmen and two other church members (Kelly Provost and Timea Patterson) decided to create a pretend “documentary” film set in 2020, looking at the church's impact on its community over the past 10 years. Carmen was tasked with scripting the film, drawing on ideas that came from the revisioning process. Since all the “interviews” were to be voiced by actors, Carmen wrote both the narration and the interview clips for the film. The finished film can be viewed on YouTube.

MBC Radio coverage of coroner's inquest into the death of Walter McKenzie – Carmen was hired on a short-term contract to attend a four-day coroner's inquest into the death of a homeless man who died in police custody, and provide regular on-scene updates for MBC Radio. These scripts were written by and large from the courtroom on an iPad, and e-mailed to MBC's newsroom. MBC has “top-of-the-hour” English language news broadcasts at 9, 10 and 11 a.m., and 12, 4 and 5 p.m. daily. (The station switches to Cree and Dene language programming from 1 to 3:59 p.m.) Canada's legal system prohibits recording audio or video during court proceedings, so these scripts were read on-air with no audio clips. After the inquest, two of MBC's on-air announcers spontaneously e-mailed Carmen to express appreciation for the quality of her coverage.

Saskatchewan's Friendship Centre Community Connections – In 2014, Carmen was contracted by Kikinahk Friendship Centre to produce a magazine profiling all of Saskatchewan's friendship centres, which are community-based organizations reaching out to Aboriginal people in these communities. Carmen developed the overall concept and interview questions, arranged in-person visits to each centre (spread over a large geographic area), interviewed staff, took and/or gathered photographs, and then returned home to transcribe interviews and craft the articles. The final 24-page magazine was entirely written and edited by Carmen, with the graphic design a collaborative effort between Carmen and her husband Bryan, and was very well received by all of the friendship centres.


“Roberts first band member to complete Ph.D” – a nursing professor earns her doctorate by studying the disease threatening her mother's life (This is one of numerous articles written for several issues of the Cree Communicator, a newspaper Carmen produced for the Lac La Ronge Indian Band.)

“When there's one way out” – a firefighter survival course puts trainees through hair-raising scenarios

“Let teachers get back to teaching” – an educator studies the role of schools

Health care

“Silent night, tragic night” – an night ride with an ambulance team proves both sad and disturbing

“Nurses not interested” – recruitment problems for a northern Saskatchewan health region

“Sod turned for La Loche's new hospital” – explores hopes that space for an expanded youth sexual wellness program could reduce the northern village's rate of teen pregnancies

“Vets snip for free in remote centre” – veterinary students spay and neuter pets to reduce Stanley Mission's roaming dog problem

“If you quit, you'll be sitting forever” – the impact of an organization advocating for disabled northerners


“Judge of the people” - a profile of La Ronge's 'cowboy judge'

“Sitting in judgement” - what it's like to be a sequestered juror for a high-profile court case

“It's now Judge Robinson” – a passionate outdoorsman becomes a provincial court judge


“Quiz meets erase denominational barriers” – a Christian and Missionary Alliance competitive Scripture memorization program brings in quizzers from multiple denominations, including Roman Catholics

“Saskatchewan's oldest building still refreshes faith” – a profile of Holy Trinity Anglican Church in Stanley Mission

“New face, new attitude for Hoffman” – a pastor's daughter comes into her own as a missionary in Mexico

“Push back the darkness” – a memorial liturgy for those hurt or killed by violence

“Church honours La Ronge RCMP” – the La Ronge Lutheran Fellowship praises local police officers

“Afghans cared for aid workers” – a pair of missionaries offer a compassionate view of Afghanistan's people

“The little church that wasn't supposed to be” – a Native-run church reaches out to Regina's street people

Social issues

“Home narrowly escapes” – arson hits a family for the fourth time in a month

“Symbolic burn rekindles spirits” – the Lac La Ronge Indian Band torches a boat as part of their residential school healing process

“Water safety can never be ignored” – lessons from the Walkerton, Ontario tainted tap water scandal

“Sticking together” – the people who helped during a forest fire crisis (This is one of a series of articles that led to the La Ronge Northerner's editorial team winning the Canadian Community Newspapers Association's “Best News Story” award.)

“Residents shout down halfway house” / “Council swayed by loudest bullies” – a facility for paroled convicts falls prey to the 'not in my backyard' argument (Carmen wrote both a straight news piece and an opinion piece on this issue, showing that it's possible to feel passionately about a cause and still present information factually.)

“Dead dogs left unburied at town dump” – explores the ethics and legality of killing animals at a municipal landfill

“Popped pole puts out phones” - a multi-source news story about the fallout from a cut fibre-optic line


“Lumber dispute will be felt in the North” – a cross-border trade war hurts a local sawmill

“Get the dirt: McArthur River big on being clean” – cleanliness is critical in a uranium mine

Human interest

“Chicken Little was right” – astronomy grad students solve NASA's meteor problem

“It's a living” – behind-the-scenes with a traveling circus

“Morel morsels head for cover” – an adventure in finding elusive mushrooms

“Key Lake miner wrestles wolf to standstill” – a work camp jog turns into man-versus-beast encounter

“Cook reflects on career and commitment” – a profile of the Lac La Ronge Indian Band's long-time chief

Global perspective

“A world of learning” – a Pearson College of the Pacific grad's work term in Uganda

“Northern pilots, families ride out effect of tsunamis” – a local water bomber pilot and his wife survive the 2004 Indian Ocean tsunami and help with the aftermath

“Storozuk patrols 31-year border of conflict” – a northern soldier and refrigeration technician's work in the Golan Heights region between Israel and Syria

Sports and recreation

“Torch receives emotional welcome in Lac La Ronge” – "Torch receives emotional welcome in Lac La Ronge" - the Olympic torch visits a northern Saskatchewan First Nation

“In a league of her own: memories of an All-American Girl” – Daisy Junor's experiences playing professional baseball (Originally written for a journalism school assignment, this article has had a long shelf life, first on the All-American Girls Professional Baseball League Players Association website for close to two decades, and more recently in a slightly shorter form in an American Common Core literature textbook published by Pearson Education.)

“Farther, higher, faster – it's ballet, not the Olympics” – a teacher disputes the idea that ballet is only for girls

“Determination key to Olympian's success” – a profile of water polo gold medalist and indigenous rights activist Waneek Horn-Miller

“Pro skiers share tips and tales with race team” – budding athletes gain new insights into their sport

Arts and media

“Adam Beach plays part of role model to perfection” – a profile of Canada's best-known Native actor

“Media checked out through eyes of La Ronge” – national news reporters take a look at how La Ronge is perceived by (and, in turn, perceives) the media (Carmen's comments in an on-line Canadian journalism discussion group triggered the documentary team's interest in La Ronge.)

“Writer has deep interest in North, and in children” – a profile of editor, fiction writer, and motorcycle enthusiast Rod MacIntyre (After this article was published, MacIntyre declared himself highly impressed by Carmen's research skills.)

“Getting the group together” – how musician Don Freed coaxes new songs out of northern kids