Carmen's work as both a journalist and as a communications professional over the last eight years has drawn glowing reviews. Here is a small sampling of what readers, interviewees and clients have said about her work:

"She's an awesome writer." - Lac La Ronge Indian Band Chief Tammy Cook-Searson, to Globe and Mail reporter Katherine Harding

"I just read the article that you wrote and I'm very happy with it. So I wanted to say thank you and I'm really impressed." - Sheldon Merriman, 14-year-old missionary to Albania

"Thanks for the yarns - they're very well-written! You have a flair for this journalism racket. The minister's office will be happy with the coverage - and again, your fine writing style! - stemming from his La Ronge stopover." - Bernie Pilon, Industry Canada

"I'm comfortable talking to you because I've read your work. You're a good reporter, and you're fair." - Judge Sid Robinson

"Good story (on dog corpses found at the local landfill). It could have been done very tastelessly. I felt it drew attention to the issue, but didn't splash it all over." - Angus Pratt, community development officer

"I thought it would be this garbage paper, but you tackle the big stuff, the lofty stuff. I think you're a top-notch writer." - Travis Hordyski, graphic designer

"I rely on The Northerner to keep current on events in the North and concluded some time ago that your staff maintains a very high standard of journalism. It's good to see that your peers have recognized your efforts." - John Dalzell, Human Resources Canada, on hearing that the newspaper had been honoured as the top Saskatchewan weekly newspaper in its circulation class

"In your paper there's always things to think about and ponder, as well as good coverage of things that are going on. I think it's a great paper. I read it cover to cover." - Dianne Allen, Saskatchewan Environment

"I wish it was more of a daily thing, but that's too much to ask for. I live for our paper. It keeps you up-to-date." - Jimmette Cossette, high school teacher

"We here in La Ronge have been fortunate the paper treats issues straight on." - Louise Wiens, board chairperson, Mamawetan Churchill River Regional Health Authority